Xeno NFT Contest Winner

I am a freelance illustrator and NFT artist based in New York.

About the Artist 

I go by Mariart and I’m an illustrator based in New York City. 

I like to draw or paint portraits and daily life with my iPad. A lot of people say that they feel warm emotions when they see my work. I hope to continue sharing my art so that many more people will feel that same warmth and a sense of healing.

I am currently selling my artwork and goods with my illustrations on them on Etsy shop and Marpple shop, and I am also working as an NFT artist. I would like to talk further about NFTs because that has been my primary focus these days. 

About three months ago, an exhibition called "Renaissance Protocol Exhibit" was held in New York City, where my work was on display. Also around a month ago, four of my artworks were displayed at the “Ars Electronica 2021(THE META-MANAGERIE)” exhibition in New York. I was accepted into the “Mask Ephemera” exhibition at NFT.NYC and my work will be on display soon in Times Square. In Seoul, South Korea, five of my pieces were selected and are on display at 2021 GNF(GLICHERS NFT FESTIVAL).

Artist History 

2021 Exhibition “MASONS DE NOEL” at Galerie IHAM, will be on display in Paris (12/1-12/31), France 

2021 Exhibition "Renaissance Protocol Exhibit", New York City 

2021 Exhibition “Ars Electronica 2021(THE META-MANAGERIE)”, New York City 

2021 Exhibition  “Mask Ephemera” at NFT.NYC, will be on display in Times Square 

2021 Exhibition  GNF(GLICHERS NFT FESTIVAL), Seoul

Artist Interview

Q. What made you become an artist ? 

My boyfriend is an artist and in the beginning of our relationship he asked me if I was interested in art. I told him I had never drawn or tried anything in the arts. He suggested that I try it because I may like it.  I was hesitant at first but slowly started to draw.  Once I started seeing an improvement in my skill I was hooked.  Ever since then, I have not stopped drawing and painting.  I am so glad that he suggested I try it because I have fallen in love with art.

Q. What is the philosophy that influences the world of your artworks?

I believe that there is beauty in the small things in life.  Our daily routines and just ordinary daily life has glimpses of beauty that we may not notice until it is captured in a photo or illustration.  I focus on trying to see this beauty and to capture it with my illustrations in order to show others something they may have missed while living a hectic city life.  I live my life appreciating the small joys in life and I want to share this joy with others through my art.

Q. Where do you usually get inspiration for your artwork?

I usually gather inspiration from my own personal experiences, daily life, and travel.

Q. How do you hope your artwork will affect society and people? 

The thing that is most important to me is for people to see my work and experience beauty and warmth through my illustrations.  I also like to draw places that seem nice to travel to or places that may bring warm nostalgia to people.  I want people to feel a sense of healing and peace when seeing my work.  It is also important for me to feel those same feelings while working on the piece.

Q. What was the most memorable moment in your life as an artist ?

The first time I uploaded my work onto social media.  I was very insecure and scared to share my art with others.  Once I finally found the courage to share, I realized many people liked my work and in that moment I was so happy.  Realizing that there were people who really appreciated my work will always be the most memorable and encouraging moment in my life as an artist.

Q. What made you get involved in the NFT ecosystem and what do you think about it? 

I had been working solely in digital format with my IPad when I first found out about NFTs.  When I realized that even people who were not well known could get recognized and share their art with a large audience, I thought it would be a very good opportunity.  I think NFTs are a great way for artists to share their work with more people and I believe that it may be the future for many forms of art to be shared and distributed.