Xeno NFT Contest Winner
Regina Kim

I am interested in diverse themes likes and emotions. I try to express my thought about the world via my art world.

About the Artist 

I am a visual artist. I create artworks using collage, illustration and moving images. 

I remove the boundaries of images and create an intense and surreal world in my artworks. I am interested in diverse themes like human rights, nature, himan’s life and emotions. I try to express my thoughts about the world via my art world.

Artist History 

•      2021 Gwangju Design Biennale sponsored by Porsche, Korea

•      2021 ASEAN award exhibition, the special prize, ASEAN culture centre, Korea

•      2021 8 Artists Group exhibition (Ninewells), Oct, Korea   

•      2021 ASYAAF exhibition, selected artist (Hidden artist), July, Korea

•      2021 The exhibition for Myanmar people, (1898 gallery), June, Korea

•      2021 9 Artists Group exhibition (S Factory) June, Korea  

•      2021 NFT group exhibition (Itaewon), May, Korea   

•      2019-2020  "To death with the smile " exhibition, Mexico  

•      2019 Flower exhibition, 30 selected artist, Korea  

•      2019 AKON competition, selected artist, Seoul  

•      2018 Nasty Women International Prize, 25 shortlists, Newcastle & London  

•      2018 “Black & White” Art exhibition Art room gallery, Merit Award, London  

•      2018 The Cult house 4th exhibition, selected artist, London  

•      2018 Creative Debuts “Empowerment: Nasty women” selected artist, London  

•     2017 The exhibition “Offbeat Classicism” sponsored by Korea Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (3 artists group exhibition), Korea  


Artist Interview 

Q. What made you become an artist ?

When I went to London to study fashion, I visited the art museums and galleries and became interested in contemporary art, so I started studying art. I thought fashion was a limited medium to contain my thoughts and philosophy. However, art is a vast and free area where various materials and experimental expressions, so I think it is suitable for expressing myself. After studying in London, I naturally debuted as a visual artist.

Q. What is the philosophy that influences the world of your artworks?

It was a great opportunity to become a finalist as a representative artist of the art school in a competition held by ID magazine under the theme of "diversity". While interacting with various people in the UK, I thought a lot about the keyword "diversity". Through this competition, I became interested in race, human rights, the environment and LGBTQ. Naturally, the word "boundary" is the main subject in my works. I think about how to break down the numerous boundaries created by humans. My artworks reflect a diverse world borderless. In addition, I create collage works by breaking down the nature and boundaries of images. Also, I try to express social issues, human emotions in our world through my surreal collage art. So the word "boundary" is a centered keyword in my work these days.

Q. Where do you usually get inspiration for your artwork? 

I'm not particularly inspired anywhere. My art is like a diary where I record what I feel and think of our world. The topics I deal with are about social issues or human emotions, so I read a lot of newspapers, essays, and novels. I get inspiration from conversations with my friends, and I get various ideas from documentaries and movies. Also, I visit many exhibitions and get inspiration from amazing artists' works. 

Q. How do you hope your artwork will affect society and people?

Through my work, I want to give people time to think about social issues that they have become too familiar with. Also, I want to give positive and good energy to people who are tired of their life. Rather than evaluating whether my work is pretty or good, I want to create artwork conveying my emotions and keep thinking about them. Therefore, I would like to develop my works by expanding them to media works and participatory exhibitions.

Q. What is the message you want to deliver to Xeno collectors?

Users and art collectors who are familiar with art galleries that sell real canvas will be unfamiliar with the NFT market that sells digital art. However, in the future, there will be more online events such as virtual reality, AI and Metabus. NFT will become an art field, and its prospects will be enormous.