Xeno NFT Contest Winner

I'm a visual artist and I draw happiness.

About the Artist 

My work originated from daydreams before falling asleep when I was young. Just like the habit of the pure time when I drew the world of imagination in my mind as much as I liked, I gradually took out vaguely-rising images and thinking, and then connected an image with another image. Mainly talking about warm feelings related to dream, fantasy, happiness, excitement, and pleasure, I hope that these feelings naturally soak into people’s hearts. I also hope to be able to comfort people’s exhausted minds in the complexity of modern society.

Artist History 

<Solo exhibition>

2020 Hello, opengallery x humaxartroom, Seongnam

2020 Happiness, gallery H, Seoul

2018 Happiness, gallery H, Seoul

2017 Harmony, goat bean gallery, Daejeon

<Group  exhibition>

2021 Marriage Alliance of Art and Money, gallery Mark, Seoul

2020 4th Seoulro Media Canvas, Seoul

2019 10+2<MY COLLECTION>, KT&G sangsangmadang, Seoul

2019 Blooming Hope, Save the Children, Seoul


2020, 2021 Seoulro Media Canvas, Nature Project, Winner Artist

2018-2019 The National Institute of Ecology poster design

2016  ‘ I SEOUL U’ art collaboration

Artist Interview 

Q. What made you become an artist ?

After graduating from graduate school, I wanted to draw my own picture while working as an illustrator. So I became an artist.

Q. Where do you usually get inspiration for your artwork? 

I like traveling, taking a walk, and nature. So I usually get a lot of ideas from my daily life and nature.

Q. What kind of activities do you currently do for the NFT ecosystem? 

I am interacting with NFT Artists through the community. I made NFT artworks and I am promoting works on sns. 

Q. What is the message you want to deliver to Xeno collectors?

I convey a warm heart and happiness through my paintings.